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Pedal the Plains Celebrates Agricultural Communities of Eastern Colorado

Posted by John Adams on Jul 26, 2016 2:32:17 PM
John Adams



pedal.com_image_1.jpgThe 5th Annual Pedal the Plains Bicycle Tour offers cycling enthusiasts scenic routes that spotlight rural, agricultural communities from the eastern plains of Colorado. This historic yearly event allows cyclists to enjoy scenic rides through a beautiful region of America. Viaero Wireless is honored to sponsor Pedal the Plains as it showcases many of our wonderful rural communities.

Pedal the Plains returns to southeastern Colorado after a three year absence and takes place September 16th thru the 18th. The event was held in northeastern Colorado the past two years.

The southeastern region of Colorado has a long history of tight-knit communities sharing common values of the heartland. Pedal the Plains puts these values on display and honors the people we are proud to serve.

Rural residents take pride in their communities and want visitors to see and appreciate the area they call home. Pedal the Plains provides this opportunity to cyclists in our region and our desire to be a part of the event is due the pride our communities take in it.

Our company culture is also deeply entrenched in this annual event, as many employees participate in cycling, volunteering and more. Executive Vice President & CFO of Viaero Wireless, Mike Felicissimo, is an avid participant in the event, both as sponsor and rider. He publicly announced the route for this year’s event with Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, in April at the state capitol to a crowd of attendees.

The Denver Post quotes Governor Hickenlooper as making this statement about the bicycle tour: “We’re looking forward to celebrating our frontier heritage, exploring our eastern plains communities and raising funds to benefit tomorrow’s agricultural leaders.”

We’re very proud to sponsor Pedal the Plains Bicycle Tour because of the wonderful community spirit involved in the event. It gives a genuine definition of what “community” can mean, as fellow riders, supporters, cheering crowds, and volunteer serving the riders provide a positive experience for each participant.

Source: PedalthePlains.comSee more on registration information from the Pedal the Plains Bicycle Tour website about the event taking place September 16th thru the 18th. The route starts in Ordway, heads to Fowler and La Junta, and returns back to Ordway, Colorado.


What to Expect from Pedal the Plains

Pedal the Plains Bicycle Tour is more inviting to a larger group of our region’s cyclists because it’s not as grueling as other Colorado cycling events taking place at higher altitudes and varying mountain terrains.

Newcomers to this part of Colorado get to cruise large spaces many call home and get a glimpse of the rural lifestyles they enjoy.

Businesses appreciate the financial impacts of the cycling event while residents enjoy playing gracious hosts to a population of visitors that may double or triple their local populations.

A Pedal the Plains blog article discusses the positive aspects of daily life that are highlighted in the bicycle tour and how it can be a truly life-changing experience. Not an immediate life-changing event, rather a “one pedal revolution at a time” life-changer. For many cyclists participating, the course seems likes a difficult path at first, but the people involved make the task much more easier to accomplish.

2016 Route for Pedal the Plains

The route features historic highways, ranches and agricultural landmarks of the southeastern Colorado region, and allows outsiders to experience camping and boating in these communities during the event.

Pedal the Plains is a 3-Day tour that takes cyclists from Ordway to Fowler to La Junta, Colorado. The route enables riders to adventure onto county roads and away from state highways. This provides not only a gorgeous bicycle ride, but exposure to educational elements of the rural plains like working farms, ranches and historical sites.

Day 1 - 21 total miles
The route begins in Ordway and passes through the towns of Crowley and Olney Springs. The day ends in Fowler after a mild elevation gain of about 200 feet.

Day 2 - 59 miles (optional century-mile course also available)
The second day’s route starts in Fowler and passes through the towns of Rocky Ford and Swink. Day two ends in La Junta after nearly a 1,000 foot gain in elevation.

Day 3 - 71 miles
The final day begins in La Junta and passes through the towns of Las Animas, Cheraw and Sugar City. The event ends where it started, in Ordway.

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