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4 Ways to Make Old Smartphones Work for You

Posted by John Adams on Sep 20, 2017 11:13:38 AM
John Adams



4 ways to make an old smartphone work for you


However much you love your smartphone, you’ll eventually be looking for an upgrade. You may want the latest version of your current model or to try a new model, or your phone may just be getting old and “beat up.”

But what are you supposed to do with your old smartphone when it’s time to upgrade? Here are four ways to make your old smartphone work for you, rather than letting it sit around collecting dust.

Sell It for Extra Cash

Your smartphone has value to others, especially if it's a newer model. Many people are in the market for a pre-owned phone because they don’t want to pay for new models or they’re free to bring their own phone to their carrier.

You can sell it to a friend, sell it online, or at kiosks in stores, like ecoATM.

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Get Credit for a New Phone

Get trade-in credit for old smartphoneSome wireless carriers will buy your old smartphone and give you credit for a new one. The credit amount you get depends on your phone model and its condition. Newer phones in good condition are more valuable than older models in poor physical condition.

Viaero Wireless subscribers can trade-in their old smartphones for up to hundreds of dollars of credit. Phones under two years old are eligible to trade-in. Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models usually retain the highest value.

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Pass it On

A device upgrade for you can also mean a new smartphone for a family member. Pass your phone on to someone in your household and save money not buying a new one. You can add children or grandparents to your wireless plan without worrying about the added monthly expense of a new device.

Plus, you’ll already know the device well enough to help them with any questions. You may also keep some items stored on the phone without worrying about privacy and security concerns of selling it to a stranger.

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Use the Device for All Its Other Features

Use an old smartphone for all its other featuresYou don't have to keep your phone connected to a wireless network to enjoy its power. Use it as a Wi-Fi gaming device for yourself or a young child who isn't ready for his/her own smartphone. You can still access music, videos, and games stored on the device, as well as browse the web or social media.

Also, your phone may have a good camera that’s still good for taking pictures.

We hope these options give you some ideas for what to do with an old smartphone after you’ve upgraded to a new one. Do you have any other ways you like to use your old smartphone? Share them with us!

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