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Viaero Wireless Continues to Expand High-Speed Internet Services to Rural Communities

Posted by Helen Akers on Mar 25, 2019 1:08:00 PM

Fort Morgan, Colorado, June 6th, 2019: Viaero Wireless has recently upgraded a site in Laird East, Colorado and the following Nebraska sites: Burwell, Chappell, Imperial North, NE North Platte, and Palisades. The site upgrades provide high-speed internet service capacities for area residents. Residents of rural communities typically face significant challenges with obtaining high-speed internet service due to a lack of providers.

Communities with smaller populations are not always attractive investments for every telecommunications company. Consequently, rural residents can be left choosing between dial-up and DSL with slower speeds and fewer conveniences. Fixed wireless internet service, such as ProConnect from Viaero Wireless, is a high-speed alternative to dial-up and DSL.

ProConnect works by transmitting data from the nearest cell tower to a fixed router through a line of sight. ProConnect offers unlimited data at superior, reliable speeds of up to 25 Mbps in select areas. Viaero Wireless has been actively expanding the availability of ProConnect in communities throughout its service footprint.

Since January 2018, Viaero Wireless has made high-speed internet service available to more than 50 sites. Customers can check on the availability of ProConnect and future expansions by visiting their nearest Viaero Wireless store or by calling 1-877-842-3765.

About Viaero Wireless:
Viaero Wireless is a leading rural provider of wireless and entertainment services that keep our communities connected with reliable, advanced, and valuable solutions through nationwide and global partnerships.

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