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Viareo Wireless Snags 2019 CCA Excellence in Marketing Award

Posted by Helen Akers on Apr 23, 2019 10:09:00 AM

Fort Morgan, Colorado, April 23rd, 2019: The winners of the 2019 CCA Excellence in Marketing Awards were announced on Wednesday, April 10th in Denver, Colorado. Viaero Wireless is thrilled to reveal its win in the TV Commercials and YouTube Videos category. We submitted three different TV commercials highlighting an “Everyday Situations” campaign, with our “Gone Fishing” video selected as the favorite by the number of votes.

The “Everyday Situations” campaign showcases the use of high-speed mobile data, high-speed internet, and entertainment services in rural America. We’ve partnered with Sling TV to provide family entertainment and mobile data bundles that leverage the shift towards streaming services. The commercials highlight how easy and fun it is to watch your favorite entertainment, no matter where you are – whether that’s tailgating with friends, snuggling by the fire to catch the latest in kids’ holiday entertainment, or teaching your young ones how to fish.

The CCA Excellence in Marketing Awards is hosted by the Competitive Carriers Association, which was founded in 1992 and is now the leading competitive wireless providers association in the United States. The awards recognize innovative and smart, strategic advertising campaigns in five different categories. The categories include recognition for radio spots, billboards, print ads, online ads, television and YouTube commercials, and animated online videos.

About Viaero Wireless:
Viaero Wireless is a leading rural provider of wireless and entertainment services that keep our communities connected with reliable, advanced, and valuable solutions through nationwide and global partnerships.

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