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Meet your Manager, Kaylin Mooney, Promoter of Viaero Wireless

Posted by Kasie Muhlbach on Jun 16, 2020 5:35:57 PM

Kaylin, Promoter of Viaero

At Viaero Wireless, we strive to make you feel comfortable while meeting your telecommunications needs. Kaylin Mooney, our Sterling Viaero Wireless manager, does just that.

Creating a Welcoming Experience

As soon as you open the door, you are instantly welcomed by a relaxing and calming atmosphere. The welcoming atmosphere is created by a simple daily routine and a commitment to work together. “Every morning we greet each other with a ‘Good Morning’ and then get to work. As we get busy throughout the day, we work as a team to get each and every customer taken care of. As a group, we are very friendly-oriented, both inside and outside the store.” Accompanied by the feeling you get walking into the store, you will also be met with a friendly smile and a wave, from Kaylin or one of the Retail Sales Associates (RSAs).

Sterling Viaero staff

Customer Relationships

Previous experience with the friendly atmosphere and building relationships with customers, helped Kaylin decide to leave her previous role as a sales representative with a local radio station and apply at Viaero Wireless.

Initially, Kaylin began her role with Viaero in the Fort Morgan area. However, since April of 2019, she has transitioned into the store manager role for the Sterling location. She has maintained the same friendly atmosphere ever since. Getting a disgruntled customer is not something they deal with often, but “having a manager explain the policies we abide by and understanding their situation tends to make a resolution easier to reach.” Kaylin doesn’t just promote Viaero as an employee, she has been a loyal customer since 2012. So, you know when she says “Viaero outshines any other company in service, especially in this rural area,” she truly means it.

Community Relationships

kaylin-blog-pic-2While Sterling may not be her home, Kaylin’s prior role as a sales representative helped her not only learn the local culture, it also helped her build relationships within the community. Working for Viaero has allowed Kaylin to continue those relationships.

In 2019, Kaylin hosted a community event called Discover Viaero, where she invited local area first responders to participate in a Corn Hole Tournament. The tournament involved awarding monetary donations to the winners. She also organized a toy drive for Illif Preschool. “We choose to collect toys for all the preschoolers in this program, to ensure that every little kid gets something for Christmas. It warms our heart to see how the little kids’ faces light up when they receive a gift from a complete stranger.”

Kaylin strives to make both customers and staff feel they are truly part of the Viaero Community, both inside and outside the store. We encourage you to stop in or give us a call at 970.425.6772 to experience this for yourself.

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